Thursday, December 22, 2011

The END!

Back Home in Southport 31/01/2011

Well we made it home safe!!!

Lorraine & Jack

37000 km of Travel in total.
approx 5000km without the Caravan.
1998 Landcruiser 80 series 40th anniversary edition petrol.
Jayco Sterling 20foot inside with one solar panel.
we used a stoneguard between Landcruiser and Caravan.
We did collect a lot of red dust inside the landcruiser and inside the caravan.

Punctures 1 slow leak on Cape York due to a splinter.

Accidents NONE.
Damage NONE!
Repairs NONE apart from puncture.
Car service Regular .

and we are still talking to each other!

would we do it again?
Not in one hit, we would only do parts again.

The places we liked best in order of visit
Gregory Downs
Leichhart Falls
Devils Marbels
Kata Tjuta
Kings Canyon
Rainbow Valley
Banka Banka
Mataranka Bitter springs
Edith River
Litchfield National park
Berry Springs
Lake Argyle
Purnululu national park
Karijini National park
Point Samson
Best is :       14 mile Beach (Ningaloo Reef)
Port Gregory Pink Lake
Margeret River
2nd Best is :       Shannon National Park
Stirling National park
3rd Best is:                        Clare Valley
Nambucca Heads

Gulmarad 29-30/01/2011

just a short drive to Gulmarad
we stop at Karl & Ursula's place
our friend Bruno from Switzerland is there on visit
Karl likes my Snoopy hat!

5 Star caravan park!!!
Ursula picking some miniature Beans.
Brooms head just near by!
 We spend a couple of days relaxing on our last stop!

Nambucca Heads 25-28/01/2011

Along the Pacific HWY we find the turn off to Nambucca heads.
Busy windy road and no passing.
Quite a lot of traffic
Beautiful drive to Nambucca heads.
We find an empty spot in the Foreshopre caravan park.
only steps to the boatramp and the river.
we settle down for a good rest,
amazing, still a few empty spots
usually only for a night or two.
there is the river, good for swimming and boating
the view to the river mouth
a nice spot  to relax
peaceful sunrise
looking back to the caravan park
a walk along the river to the mouth
the head
painted rocks all along the wall
hard at work in the Kayak
the view from the top of the hill
the ocean beach at Nambucca head
and a pretty sunset to top it off.

Back to the East Coast to Foster 22-24/01/2011

From Dubbo  along the Oxley HWY
Water in the fields after the rain.
Close to the road.
To Gilgandra
Dunedoo a pretty old township
along the Golden HWY for a bit.
Our last free camp near Singleton
Pothana rest area , a part of the old highway.
very quiet now and only one more caravan for the night.
along the pacific HWY and the old coast road to Foster
Lani's Holiday Island.
We were suprised to get in at this time of the year.
the quiet waters at the park

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Parkes-Dubbo 19-21/01/2011

The Dish outside of Parkes
worth going there
We get to Dubbo full moon!!
Great drive through Zoo in Dubbo
a new friend
a young Zebra
nice to see the birds in the wild
That is the turn off for the Zoo

Across the Rivers east 15-18/01/2011

We decide to go back up to Clare valley 
to make our run from there.
The front of the cruiser gets a flyscreen,
there are a lot of grasshoppers and butterflies.
we do not want to block the radiator.
we may have to outrun the floods yet.
We make it past Mildura.
First day is all ok. No water over the road.
We stop at lake Benanee for the night.
The water level is to the top of some park benches here.
A Free camp in a safe position
some 5 m above the water level.
we stay hitched up with everything aboard.
Just in case there is a sudden increase in waterflow.
Next Day at Blranald we cross the Murrumbidgee.
That water looks very close.
Keep going !
the waterlevel comes within 300mm of the road.
The low laying land is all flooded.
No we won't stop here!
we make it past Hay and another rivercrossing.
On the Mid Western HWY now.
We make Forbes with its brilliant freecamp by the river.
It could not get any better, plenty of room
fresh water and free.
It has been a long day to get here, but we are past the flooded rivers now.
as the moon rises over the river we relax.